The Powerful 2-in-1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller & rodent destroyer!

Your Homes, Offices, and Stores can be permanently be free from mosquitoes, bedbugs, rats, snakes etc

Do you have rodents invading your home, food or certificates? A very small opening and an army of bloodthirsty mosquitoes, rats and bugs invites itself?

Is Sanitizers and insecticides are soaking your home with expensive toxic chemicals?

Now you can send them all home with Atomic Zapper !

This 2-in-1 pest repeller and bug zapper solves two problems with one device. Blue light technology attracts flying insects then kills them and the ultrasonic waves drive away rodents. Now you can completely rid your home of disease-carrying insects once and for all! 

How It Works

Atomic  Zapper uses the technology of ultrasonic waves which repel rodents combined with that of blue light which attracts flies such as bugs or mosquitoes and kills them on contact.

Atomic Zapper is non-toxic. It will not cause you or your family any inconvenience. And it does not require any installation. Just plug it in and it will repel rats and mice while killing insects.

It uses ultrasound on the one hand to scare away harmful animals, and on the other hand a blue light which attracts and kills flying insects as soon as they touch it.

So stop spending your money on sprays that miss their mark. Forget that horrible chore when it comes to removing a mouse from a trap.

Market Price = #15,000

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