❌Stop using nails to destroy your walls to hang items. Use this instead!

You don’t have to drill HOLES in your beautiful wall again !!! Can be used Anywhere and Anytime!

Thicken & Widen!


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Product Description:

– High Viscosity:Our products are made of high-viscosity gel, safe and harmless. At the same time, it can paste any object below 5KG (11LBS)!!!


– Multifunction : Amazing stretch elasticity, free stretch, bending and folding deformation will not break. You can cut it to the required size and length. Transparent material does not affect the appearance, and can work perfectly in the temperature range of -16C (3.2F) to 62C (150F)
So you can use it anywhere😍😍

– Easy to use and clear: Just cut and paste it to use, environmentally friendly and recyclable.
It is easy to remove and leaves no marks on the wall or any surface.


– Reusable: If you accidentally soil it, don’t throw it away.
Only need to wash and dry, you can restore the stickiness and reuse. Can be repeated more than 10 times at most.

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