No more sleepless night, fear of the unknown or insecurity because of darkness in your home and environment

This Maximum Solar Security Light is what you need For Your Homes, Streets, Hotels, Shops, Offices Etc


Enhance Your Security With Our Solar Sensor LED Security Light.  Sleep with Peace of Mind everyday.

Please Note: This is a Solar security LIGHT and Not a CCTV Camera!!

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This Smart Motion Sensor Security Solar Light Comes with a remote and works throughout the Night providing you maximum security in your environment. This is the best Solar Light For maximum security for your Home, Office, Hotel, Shop etc.

About The Item

    • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly
    • Converts solar energy into electricity
    • Reduces carbon emissions
    • Illuminates gardens or paths
    • Can be used with smartphones, microphones, computers, chargers, etc.
    • Low heat and power consumption
    • Long lifespan of up to 20,000 hours
    • Three lighting modes: motion sensor full brightness, low level brightness + full brightness with motion sensor, constant medium brightness in the dark
    • Easy to choose modes through button or remote control
    • Smart sound-activated feature
    • Changes color or speed with nearby sounds or music

The Only Solar Light that comes with Remote Control. Operate it wherever you are!

Normal Price = #39,000

24Hours Discounted Price = #20,000