❌Stop using nails to destroy your walls, tiles and marbles to hang items. Use this instead!

You don’t have to drill HOLES in your beautiful wall again !!! Can be used Anywhere and Anytime!

Thicken & Widen!


COMPATIBLE WITH MANY SURFACES, INDOOR & OUTDOORS: Wood products, glass, metal, ceramic tile, leather, marble, plastic, etc… Can be used indoors and outdoors WITH TONS OF USES; car interiors, car phone holders, posters, plugs, routers, picture frames, pen holders, wall stickers, paintings, hooks, gadgets, sticky pads, mobile phone cases, decorative patches, and so much more!

Use It To Fix Anything Almost Anywhere! No More Wall Damage/Breakage!!


  • It can be washed many times so that it can be reused.
  • It’s 18ft long, which means it can last for long.
  • It can be used in various ways and on different platforms
  • You can adjust the length by cutting it down.
  • When you take off this tape on the wall, It will leave no residue. It will not harm your wall!
  • Works on all surfaces like wooden, plastic, glass, marble, etc.
  • High tensile strength, meaning it can carry up to 8KG of item

Regular Price = GHC 350

Promo Price = GHC 250

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